Department Events

Department Events

  • Quality Circle

    Quality Circle is a forum for teachers. The forum is started by Dr. K.R. Venkatesan, Principal of our college, to promote research capability of teachers and share their innovative ideas and modern trends with their colleagues and scholars. As it comprises the staff of all departments, provides opportunity to widen their arena of new knowledge in different fields. The forum is conducted once in every month.

  • Research Club

    Research Club, an exclusive forum for research activities, enables the scholars and teachers to keep engaged in their field of research by preparing quality research papers and share them with peers to enrich their ideas and enlight others. Ultimately, the forum encourages the scholars to publish their papers in scholarly journals. The forum is convened twice in every month. In this academic year, all of our M.Phil., and Ph.D., scholars presented their research articles in this forum. Altogether, eight different topics were shared and analysed. Our Head of the Department had taken the strain to shape those articles into perfect works for publication.

  • English Literary Forum

    This forum is not only for English literature students but for all students. It encourages all undergraduate students to take part in the forum activities by presenting PPTs, Enacting Dramas, Creative Writing, Poetry Recitation, Language Games, etc.