Sankara Society

Sankara Society

About Sankara Society

A Unique Forum of Sri Sankara Arts & Science College yet another brain child of our great motivator Dr.K.R.Venkatesan, our Principal sowed its seed in the academic year 2016-17.It is a forum for the students, by the students, and of the students, to review and react upon various issues of the society in which we live in. Apart from the academic events, the staff and students used to meet, debate and create awareness about various burning issues of the society.

Sankara Society is a place where students can share their ideas through speeches, competitions, drawing, models, paintings, photographs, in an open forum. They also engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues at the local, regional, national and international levels to expand their learning in order to become more active and productive citizens. It also inculcates a spirit of national thinking, analytical ability and oratorical skills. It is a mass campign forum to promote awareness on physical and mental health.

Sankara society conducts different activities to make our students aware of the burning issues like E-Waste Management, saving water, preserving Environment, Creating Agricultural Awareness among youth.

When there is a need… When there is a crisis… When the situation arises… There we are… The Sankara Society….

Objectives of Sankara Society

  • To create awareness on Physical and mental Health of their own and of others.
  • To understand and accept civic responsibilities and act accordingly with humanitarian concern to fulfill the same.
  • To enable growth and development of the spirit of services and sense of beauty with dedication and devotion in the minds of the youth.
  • To foster better friendly relationship with all without any discrimination.
  • Dr.K.R.Venkatesan, Principal
  • Dr.P.Manjula, M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce